The BaaS Company delivers a unique blend of strategic insight and understanding of the broader landscape. Unafraid to ask the hard questions that help guide priorities, their ability to provide forward-thinking advice makes them an invaluable partner as the MACH movement advances.
Casper Rasmussen
The BaaS Company team is not only knowledgeable but also possesses the creativity to navigate challenges and propose solutions that are both strategic and practical. Their ability to collaborate at all levels, and to transform big ideas into reality by breaking them down into creative and practical steps is impressive. Most importantly, they get stuff done, no matter how complex.
Holly Hall, MD
BaaS is undeniably the Boss— I absolutely love the innovative approach and expertise The BaaS Company brings to the table for Vultr. Leoni and Sonja’s visionary leadership and their commitment to driving positive change in the industry empowers them to initiate and cultivate movements, setting BaaS apart as true architects of change, crafting new categories with finesse. Team BaaS are visionaries who understand how to define the right messaging for success. Proud to be associated with a partner that not only understands the pulse of the industry, but also sets the rhythm for the future. BaaS has big, bold ideas and I trust their vision and energy 100% of the time. Best. Call. Ever. Thank you!
Kevin Cochrane
Chief Marketing Officer
I've worked with several of The BaaS Company team. Emma led corporate communications for me at a critical time in the company's development, as I joined as the new CEO, brought on new leadership, changed the narrative and put a big focus on marketing. She provided high level support to the Global Leadership Team across exec comms, company comms, town halls, and exec speeches/presentations. With little direction, she can articulate CEO vision and tell it effectively over and over again until it sticks.
Mike Ettling
The BaaS Company is more than just an Analyst Relations facilitator; they're strategic storytellers in the analyst arena. Their dual expertise in analyst and B2B tech landscapes has been instrumental for Vue Storefront, crafting messages that resonate with precision and impact. This strategic messaging guidance is indispensable, and Analyst Relations from The BaaS Company is truly comprehensive, influencing our approach far beyond the initial analyst engagements.
Patrick Friday
CEO & Co-founder
Working with The BaaS Company has redefined excellence in analyst relations for us. Their strategic planning and preparation are unmatched, and their guidance in storytelling is invaluable. Their deep understanding of digital technology and strong analyst relationships are evident. Finding someone with their level of expertise and execution would be challenging. The BaaS Company's performance is truly remarkable.
Tobias Ring
Managing Director