Grow Your Brand Leadership within the MACH Ecosystem

Sonja Keerl
In 2023, it's time for MACH vendors and agencies to switch up their game. No longer can we sit back on the promise of speed and agility that resonates with all industries. As competition heats up, how will you differentiate yourself from fellow MACH members?

In the past year, since MACH ONE, two questions have dominated my conversations. Digital leaders in enterprises ask, "Does it matter which MACH certified tools or agencies I choose, or are they all the same in their category?" MACH certified companies leaders ask, "Are we doing enough with the MACH Alliance?"

My answers to these questions are straightforward. Yes, differences matter to digital leaders, and most vendors are not doing enough. The competition against legacy systems has a lot to do with prioritizing the 'old vs new' message, but the MACH philosophy has gained traction and credibility. While buyers across industries resonate with the promise of speed and agility, that part of the MACH approach is no longer differentiated.

The challenge for MACH vendors and agencies is differentiating themselves against fellow members in later stages of the sales cycle. At this point, commission breath has set in and promoting a differentiated MACH narrative is difficult.

To tackle this challenge, MACH vendors and agencies need to discuss their sweet spot in the MACH Ecosystem much earlier in the buying journey. Furthermore, they need to let go of the generic talks on MACH and Composable only. This is where a gap in the thought leadership space presents a window for vendors/agencies to become opinion leaders. To achieve this, vendors need a second thought leadership play complementing their core messaging.

Creating a second thought leadership play is not easy for marketing teams amidst their daily operations. This is where The BaaS Company comes in with a new MACH Ecosystem thought leadership kick-off program in just six weeks. We are uniquely positioned to design a more specific differentiation while cross-functionally leveraging experts in Corporate Communications, Public and Analyst Relations, Content Strategy and Sales Enablement.

Don't miss the opportunity to uplevel your MACH Ecosystem story. Talk to us today.

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