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From Launch to the “Coolest Tech in Town Club” in the first Year

We spearheaded the launch of the MACH Alliance in June 2020, with the goal - 
to change how the enterprise approaches modern versus legacy applications, and make MACH the trusted industry standard, moving forward from the accepted legacy approach and creating a global paradigm shift. The fact that The MACH Alliance was named the “Coolest Tech in Town Club” by Forrester in 2021, and that it has grown to almost 100 certified members across three continents, and continues to make waves, is testament to the success of MACH.

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MACH Alliance Case
Without The BaaS Company, the MACH Alliance would be a forgotten historical footnote rather than an over 80-member strong industry movement.
Kelly Goetsch
MACH Alliance Co-Founder & Chairman

This is just one example of how The BaaS Company goes further to deliver results for its clients. Download the complete case study to learn more about how we helped launch the MACH Alliance.

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