Jun 11, 2024

Geo Expansion Across Europe

Every new country requires treating it as a new launch. This means deep market research, conscious local staffing, localized messaging, relevant functionality, building a robust local partner network, and an integrated marketing plan tailored to that one country.
Sonja Keerl
May 8, 2024

No Leader in Forrester’s Latest B2C Commerce Wave: A Call for True Differentiation

In a sea of sameness, strategic vision and differentiation are more crucial than ever.
Sonja Keerl
May 6, 2024

MACH Alliance - The Making of a Movement

Innovation is not just about creating products; it's also about transforming, and building ecosystems and creating space for entirely new views.
Leoni Janssen
Apr 30, 2024

Embracing Diversity: a Social Experiment

Picture this: fifteen remarkable women and one brave man. We embarked on a social experiment, offering one man a glimpse into the experience of being the 'only one'.
Leoni Janssen
Apr 5, 2024

Rise above the masses: Go Bold, Go Unparalleled

The BaaS Company introduces: Powerhouse Positioning Program
Leoni Janssen
Apr 1, 2024

Rise above the masses: Go Bold, Go Solo, Go Unparalleled

The BaaS Company introduces: Lone Wolf Category Creation
Leoni Janssen
Mar 11, 2024

A CEO's Cheat Sheet for Communicating on Sensitive Topics

Mastering the art of communication in delicate situations is a crucial skill for CEOs. We’ve designed a cheat sheet to guide you through the maze of considerations, helping you make a well-informed choice.
Emma Keates
Jan 29, 2024

Small Shifts, Major Currents: The Power of Details in Branding

In the world of branding, as in swimming, the power of one detail to transform the entire experience is often underestimated. Allow me to explore how altering a single element in the complex process of branding has a cascading effect, enhancing or diminishing every other aspect of a company's brand identity.
Leoni Janssen
Jan 12, 2024

5 Go-To-Market Lessons from 25 Years of Working with Software Companies

What I've seen first hand is that the key lies in integrating and harmonizing five critical aspects for business growth – a synergy that is essential for success - which I am sharing in this blog.
Sonja Keerl
Nov 20, 2023

Are you Paying the Price for Ineffective Headlines?

On average, it is estimated that 80% of people will read a headline, while only 20% will continue to read the full body copy. These numbers emphasize the critical importance of crafting compelling headlines to capture and retain the audience's attention in the world of digital content and marketing.
Emma Keates
Nov 17, 2023

6 Awesome Ways I Used AI Last Week

AI has revolutionized the way we work, making our lives easier and more efficient. Last week, I had the pleasure of exploring some incredible AI tools that helped me streamline my research, create captivating visuals, brainstorm ideas, gather data, craft diplomatic emails, and even have some fun with language learning.
Sonja Keerl
Oct 24, 2023

The Evolution of Brand Roles: From Stoic Institutions to Opinionated Personalities

It’s intriguing to reflect on the significant transformation in how brands are perceived and how their role has evolved over my 25-year time in corporate communications, brand building, and reputation management.
Leoni Janssen
Oct 20, 2023

Rethinking Product Roadmaps for Industry Analysts

When I see vendor roadmaps, especially for startup SaaS companies, the common theme is that there is no theme: More often than not, it’s an export of random features and functionalities from a product management tool loosely arranged on a slide.
Sonja Keerl
Oct 13, 2023

7 Reasons a Compelling Brand Story Matters to B2B Tech Investors

In today's fast-paced and highly competitive tech industry, success is not solely determined by the quality of your product or service. Tech investors who recognize the value of investing in brand development can unlock a myriad of benefits that ultimately optimize growth and return on investment (ROI).
Emma Keates
Oct 9, 2023

When Industry Analysts just don’t get your big idea…

Do you ever leave a conversation with an industry analyst feeling frustrated and unheard? It's even more frustrating than in any other conversation because you know, these analysts influence the market and connect with buyers, competitors, and other industry players.
Sonja Keerl
Sep 28, 2023

How to Build Movements in B2B Tech

Discover the art of igniting powerful movements in the B2B tech space. Dive into strategies, from honing a razor-sharp mission to harnessing the collective power of your community.
Leoni Janssen
Sep 15, 2023

After the game is before the game

Every year, the release of influential evaluations like Gartner Magic Quadrants and Forrester Waves sparks intense discussions. Vendors use these reports to generate leads, while buyers rely on them to make informed decisions. But what many vendors fail to realize is that the real opportunity for improvement lies in the time between evaluations.
Sonja Keerl
Aug 25, 2023

Don't rebrand your company

Don't rebrand your company... unless you have to. How do you know if you have to? If the cost of doing nothing is more than making the change.
Leoni Janssen
Aug 23, 2023

Be A Great Panel Moderator: Tips for First-Timers

Being asked to moderate a panel discussion can be daunting, especially if you've never done it before. In this blog, Sonja shares her key tips to being an excellent moderator and making your panelists shine.
Sonja Keerl
Aug 8, 2023

Industry Analyst Relations: Beyond Pay to Play

It's time to debunk the notion that analyst relations is solely pay to play. In this article, we will explore how B2B tech executives tend to overly focus on the analyst firm subscription fee, when in reality, the true investment lies in time, strategy, and engagement.
Sonja Keerl
Jul 24, 2023

To DAM or not to DAM: A Quick Decision Making Guide

In the ever-expanding world of digital content, effective asset management and organization are vital to scale businesses. This is where Digital Asset Management (DAM) comes in handy. However, like any other system, DAM has its pros and cons and comes in various forms and sizes.
Konrad Pitala
Jul 13, 2023

Release vs. Launch - How Conscious Decoupling is Beneficial for B2B Tech Vendors

As B2B tech companies mature, navigating the differences between product releases and product launches becomes increasingly important. Product releases are (typically regular) events in which new features, bug fixes, and updates are made available to users. A product launch is a process that encompasses marketing, sales and customer success activities designed to make the release more impactful. In this blog post we discuss why decoupling these initiatives is beneficial for B2B tech vendors.
Sonja Keerl
Jul 10, 2023

Always be launching: The art of launching a big idea, a movement or a company

Why mastering the art of strategic planning, adaptability, and psychological influence will set you up for success in launching big ideas, movements, or companies. From Sun Tzu's teachings to real-world examples, uncover the systematic approach that ensures every move counts.
Leoni Janssen
Jun 22, 2023

Moving Markets - Push or Pull?

The power of the carrot over the stick: why understanding your audience is crucial in moving markets (or horses)
Leoni Janssen
May 12, 2023

Grow Your Brand Leadership within the MACH Ecosystem

In 2023, it's time for MACH vendors and agencies to switch up their game. No longer can we sit back on the promise of speed and agility that resonates with all industries. As competition heats up, how will you differentiate yourself from fellow MACH members?
Sonja Keerl
May 4, 2023

Gradients Kill Go-To-Market Effectiveness

Focusing on superficial aspects of visual discovery can cause teams to miss out on the real drivers of growth and efficiency
Sonja Keerl
Apr 3, 2023

MACH Alliance Co-Founder Sonja Keerl Joins The BaaS Company as Go-To-Market Director

Expands capabilities and service offering focused on growth strategy to streamline go-to-market execution for clients
Leoni Janssen
Mar 23, 2023

What is a brand? And what is branding?

Here at the BaaS Company we do ‘Branding as a Service’ but what does that even mean?
Leoni Janssen
Jan 24, 2023

Women in MACH panel + Q&A workshop

As a female leader, and someone who has been heavily involved with MACH Alliance's positioning and branding, I believe it is crucial for MACH to be ahead of the curve when it comes to equity for women.
Leoni Janssen
Jan 5, 2023

Looking ahead to another year in wondrous color for The BaaS Company

A year ago The BaaS Company didn’t formally exist - BaaS (our Branding as a Service approach) was still an offering by Leoni Janssen.
Leoni Janssen
Dec 6, 2022

Konrad Pitala Joins The BaaS Company as Head of Creative Operations

The BaaS Company takes a big step forward with the appointment of Konrad Pitala as Head of Creative Operations.
Leoni Janssen
Oct 31, 2022

Every crisis is a branding opportunity

Everything is an opportunity for a company and brand to shine - everything!
Leoni Janssen
Sep 16, 2022

Figma announces 'a new collaboration' to frame the 20 billion acquisition.

A recent high profile acquisition prompted us to write from experience about why acquirers need to be clear and transparent in their communications.
Leoni Janssen
Jul 11, 2022

Our Passion For Tech Branding Over Anything Else

Working in technology isn't for everyone, but we love what we do because we get to work with some of the most challenging growth brands and inspiring people who are making a difference.
Emma Keates
May 16, 2022

Validate Your Message, Validate Your Business

If you are not 100% certain that your audience understands what you are telling them when you pitch or explain your product or business, this one's for you!
Savana ter Burg
May 16, 2022

Three Instances When Leaders Need to Communicate More

The truth is, as a leader or CEO, it is almost impossible to over-communicate. In fact, over-communicating is an art.
Leoni Janssen
May 5, 2022

What does it take to create a movement?

Creating a movement isn't easy. Remember the famous Ted Talk about how to start a movement in under 2 minutes?..
Emma Keates
Mar 2, 2022

Announcing The BaaS Company: the next phase in bringing Branding as a Service to a new generation of tech companies

‘Don’t rebrand without a business case’, is what I often tell entrepreneurs and business leaders in conversations about..
Leoni Janssen
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