Rise above the masses: Go Bold, Go Solo, Go Unparalleled

Leoni Janssen
The BaaS Company introduces: Lone Wolf Category Creation

In the competitive realm of B2B tech, joining a category or creating one with multiple companies is old news. Our discussions with leading CEOs have revealed a shared ambition: to not just enter but to own and monopolize a category. Thus, we unveil "Me, Myself and I Positioning” (replacing: USP) an entirely new strategy that redefines the game. 

We’re excited to roll out this unique service for the tech elite. Tailored for those outmaneuvering market constraints and laying their own path. For the top of the top, laggers are just obstacles to be left behind. 

Why Category Creation?

Traditional category creation is all about building an ecosystem with various competitors. We’re turning that on its head: it’s now all about you. Let the ecosystem catch up when it’s ready. Forget harmonizing innovation; your solo is the new anthem, your "Me, Myself and I Positioning" is the new harmony.

This method crushes the myth that category building is a group effort, we are advocating instead for the solo venture of the best.

A Unique Strategy

Our methodology is unmatched. Merging strategic self-promotion with personal growth initiatives, your business isn’t just leading—it’s the only one on the racetrack. This vision of solo dominance is the secret desire of every forward-thinking leader: to outshine the entire market alone. So let's go! 

Expectations from Lone Wolf Category Creation

Enrollees will dive into:

The final takeaway? A solid "Me, Myself and I Positioning," sets you up to sweep the market singlehandedly.

A History of Breaking Ground

Our legacy in positioning B2B tech companies as industry leaders has fine-tuned our expertise in shaping markets. The Lone Wolf Category Creation is our most daring venture yet, empowering companies to not just succeed but redefine success on their own terms.

In the end, it’s about occupying the top solo—because what’s a peak if you have to share it? Embark on this path of tech evolution with us, where, together — actually, alone —we redefine what it means to lead.

Sign up by 1 April noon (PST) for the Early Bird deal!

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