Integrated Strategic Marketing for Tech Pioneers

We are a specialist agency building brand and visibility for fast growing international B2B technology companies. Our remote team of experts cover EMEA and the US, connecting all the elements of Branding, Marketing, Communications and Go-to-Market strategy and execution to drive North Star growth.

We are stratecutors - we strategize and we execute to deliver optimal results.

BaaS works with tech companies that dare to think big. We support them through hyper-growth, navigating new phases or pivots, or tackling their next significant challenge. Consider us for:

• A repositioning or rebranding
• A big launch
• Acquiring and integrating one or multiple companies
• Change in target audience
• Geo or vertical expansion
• Change in product maturity segments
• Portfolio diversification
• Building visibility, becoming famous
  — Taking the world by storm in a different way

The BaaS Company excels where strategic go-to-market consulting intersects with real world B2B tech expertise and hands-on marketing and communication mastery.

We aim for North Star growth and pioneer bold paths based on an integrated, sustainable strategy.

We think bigger… We connect the dots across disciplines and what’s happening in the world for an integrated path realizing ambitions.

We dig deeper… We go beyond the surface to deeply understand people and offerings. We fearlessly challenge opinions and bravely pioneer ideas.

We get it done… We know how to translate North Star strategies into the small first steps. We lead by example and pass the baton to where it needs to be.

services - strategy

A journey without navigation rarely reaches the intended destination via the optimal route - and may even get you lost. Navigation starts with plotting the ideal flight path, yet adjusts to changing conditions. Navigation may take 10 minutes or be required throughout the journey. To ensure your journey is on point, The BaaS Company plots the navigation and/or ensures the navigation is done well.

Acceleration is hard work. To succeed, you need to spread your message every day, both internally and externally. This means ensuring that your team is aligned with your vision and that your materials are top-notch - from thought-provoking content to a powerful social media strategy. With the right buzz and content, your company leaves a lasting impact. Acceleration is a continuous fluid process that takes a company far and fast when executed well.

In order to Navigate and Accelerate, every company needs a strong brand foundation. These Brand Fundamentals carry the brand and the company. Without the fundamentals in place you are not building value, the experience is fleeting, disconnected and evaporates quickly.

Business-oriented Branding

According to Jeff Bezos, your brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room. We help you understand and influence what is said and where.

Now, more than ever, there is a need for business-oriented branding. The type of branding that directly contributes to value creation and fits with the company life cycle.

Our hand-selected team of experts, delivers you Branding as a Service (BaaS); a finely tuned, orchestrated offering that unlocks the enormity of your brand’s potential.

To ensure we offer all disciplines as an orchestrated unity we work with experts in all fields. We have a close working relationship with many hand picked professionals globally, who support us on projects when we need additional bandwidth or specific expertise.

What do you want to be famous for with your target audience? We set you up to get there.

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Our services

Positioning & Messaging - company

Understanding personas, competitive and market opportunity analysis, defining your niche and value for customers

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Positioning & Messaging - product

Competitive and marketing opportunity analysis, product positioning, story visualization and framework development, marketing strategy

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Brand Fundamentals

Visual identity design and refresh, tone and company narrative creation

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Thought Leadership

Messaging and expertise review, finding fresh angles, content workshops, content strategy and planning, public and influencer relations and spokesperson training

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Go-To-Market Strategy 

Analyst Relations, market research, sales enablement and product and partner marketing strategy, event support

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Corporate Communications

Executive communications strategy and execution, PR and social media, internal communications and employee advocacy, issue management and culture building incl. D&I

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Strategic workshops

One or multiple day workshops focused on Positioning, Messaging or Analyst Relations

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