Rise above the masses: Go Bold, Go Unparalleled

Leoni Janssen
The BaaS Company introduces: Powerhouse Positioning Program

In B2B tech joining an existing or creating a new category is the way to go. How do you know if you are best joining what exists or when it’s time to create something new? And do you even need a category and why?

In our conversations with CEOs we often hear the desire to build new categories even when they are still pretty alone in what they solve. In the case of being alone now but understanding the gigantic opportunity in your part of the market - you are of course anticipating a future category. And that is the right thing to do! 

Working on a stellar USP is the low hanging fruit today, but anticipating that new category is absolutely advisable. That involves extensive research, gathering input through your feelers in the market, and building as clear a picture as possible of potential and future developments. Talking to analysts is sometimes an instrument to use here. 

The way you now define your messaging, USP,  the words you choose are crucial for the creation of a future category - or not! 

So we’re totally here for the top of the top who don’t just want to outpace everyone around them today, but want to keep doing so into the future when they not only build their company but also help build a space, and not just care about the slice, but understand that making market, baking the cake is a smart thing to do! We’re here for those outmaneuvering the market and paving their own path. 

A Unique Strategy

Our methodology is unmatched. Merging core strategic positioning of the company and the product with traditional public relations and analyst relations strategy with go- to-market thinking, ensures we work on visibility, learning and fine tuning while influencing the market in one go. Because in reality: time is the only real scarcity. 

Becoming a dominant player where you excel is reachable. So let's go! 

Through the program you will get:

For those interested in learning more about the program, and seeing a ballpark pricing, email us and we'll send you the one pager.

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