What does it take to create a movement?

Emma Keates
Creating a movement isn't easy. Remember the famous Ted Talk about how to start a movement in under 2 minutes?..

Creating a movement isn't easy. Remember the famous Ted Talk about how to start a movement in under 2 minutes? In practice, there's a bit more to it.

Over the past 3 months I've had the opportunity to work with some impressive founders. The team behind the MACH Alliance in particular. From what I've seen and learned, I think the Alliance provides the perfect example of how to start a movement.

Launched less than 2 years ago, they now count 50+ members (and growing). While clever branding has been instrumental, here are some key reasons for their success, and fundamental steps for anyone starting a movement.

1). Create a Manifesto and safeguard itwith your life - When the MACH Alliance began, its founders knew it was vital the movement was received positively from the start. Their Manifesto (and safeguarding it) made all the difference. The key to why they are still successful today is that they very clearly took lead generation and marketing to the member base out of the equation. The clear purpose has been for enterprise buyers to understand why the overall market segment is going to help them. If potential members weren’t up for being thought leaders then it wasn’t going to work. They were clear on that point from the start.

2). Focus on educationand creating a safe space - By focusing on thought leadership, they have attracted people into the member councils that get work done on behalf of the Alliance and the movement every day. Everyone is passionate about the cause, not a bunch of marketing people. The Alliance had such a big fundamental message of change to get across that this was crucial. They get credit from CTOs, CMOs etc in the enterprises they talk to as a result because people know The Alliance is a safe space.

3). Be cool - After one year, they were branded the “Coolest Tech in Town Club” by Joe Cicman of Forrester. Coming from someone who so deeply knows the buyers’ pains, who helps the Alliance’ target audience every day, and who also understands the vendors and agency landscape at the same time, is really cool!

4). Ambition and purpose are symbiotic - This year they are looking to talk less about the why, or the what, because trust has been established. They also have the momentum of a digital first reality. Now they can focus more on how they can help enterprises set up that composable architecture and manage change internally. How do you set up, train, run the support services in a multi-vendor operation?

It's a pleasure to watch, support and learn from some of the most active changemakers in tech, who have achieved so much during a turbulent few years. Read the full case study of our work for the MACH Alliance here.

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