Our Passion For Tech Branding Over Anything Else

Emma Keates
Working in technology isn't for everyone, but we love what we do because we get to work with some of the most challenging growth brands and inspiring people who are making a difference.

For most people starting out in communications and branding, technology might not seem like the obvious choice. In my first job at a London PR agency, the consumer teams were the cool ones. They had an air of self-importance because they were working with name brands and were the “creative” ones. From the time I left university with a degree in journalism, I had already caught the technology-bug. More than 20 years later I have worked with some of the most challenging growth brands and inspiring people who are making a difference. 

It’s not about the technology

The organizations we work with sell technology but it’s never about the technology itself. It’s about driving innovation and being able to see the bigger context of how they’re helping people and organizations move forward, enabling connectivity and solving real world problems. That’s what we help them to do. For us, it’s an incredible chance to learn and educate the market. 

It never gets old

By nature, tech companies are run by the most entrepreneurial, visionary people you’ll ever meet. They move quickly and focus on continuous innovation, driven by making things better. It keeps us on our toes, and that’s how we like to work. The industry moves so fast, carving out new categories and new thinking, challenged to define the best and latest solutions that can have real impact on the companies and people using them. 

They care about people and culture

Technology companies are typically led by people that understand the importance of being people and culture-focused if they want to stay competitive and win the war for talent. That means we get to work with people that really care about each other and the work they and we are doing on their behalf. It creates an environment for teamwork that's open to ideas, values individual contributions and collectively shoots for the same goals.

Tech companies often miss the point

Tech leaders are so invested in their technology and weighed down by their own intricate knowledge of the technology, that they often struggle to build communications that resonate. Building strategy, honing key messages, building great stories that will catch interest, and creating great content takes creativity and skill. Our job is to connect the day-to-day with bigger trends. We get excited about the value technology delivers, without being put off by the technical detail. A broader perspective from people like us, that get it and understand how to tell it, gets a company out of the detail and aligned on narratives that people understand.  

It's challenging and rewarding in equal measure

It’s not easy to build a tech brand. Particularly when the concepts and benefits they want to promote are often complex. These companies rely on communications experts that can describe their technology in layman’s terms to a variety of audiences. It’s a challenge but that’s why it’s so rewarding when we see the stories come to life. Hitting the right narrative is our passion, our art. 

Much of what our clients do is groundbreaking

The tech industry is incredibly progressive. Every day we see new product launches and innovation announcements that have the potential to change the world. The industry moves at such a pace that it never gets tired. In 2020 we supported the launch of the MACH Alliance. An organization setting a new path for modern technology, creating new standards and making waves in the tech industry. This isn’t an organization with an agenda to sell tech. It was founded and is run by people who are passionate about the potential of new technologies and advocating for change. The tech industry is brimming with talented people and the best minds and we’re lucky enough to get to work with some of them and learn from them every day. Although every company is a technology company no matter what industry they work in, we prefer the ones that actually identify as one.  

Having a sense of purpose makes careers

By nature, the technology industry thrives on moving fast and innovating. People working in tech are passionate, they are driven by a sense of purpose to genuinely make an impact. We get in front of these people every day, from our team to the CEO’s, leaders, developers and marketers we connect with, it creates a vibrant and diverse space to work. 

We love what we do, and there isn’t a geek among us.

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