No Leader in Forrester’s Latest B2C Commerce Wave: A Call for True Differentiation

Sonja Keerl
In a sea of sameness, strategic vision and differentiation are more crucial than ever.

The latest Forrester Wave™ for B2C Commerce has done something remarkable—left the leader quadrant empty. This bold move by the analyst points us towards a critical insight: in a sea of sameness, strategic vision and differentiation are more crucial than ever.

This year's evaluation shows an unusual trend: all evaluated vendors line up horizontally, which suggests that while the technical offerings have leveled out, strategic foresight is where true differentiation lies. At Shoptalk Las Vegas, I saw it: Every vendor echoed similar terms—'composable,' 'headless,' 'feature-rich.' But beyond the jargon, does anyone really stand out?

The risk of not standing out

Consider the analogy of selecting jam from a shelf full of strawberry options. What if there was one raspberry jam? It wouldn’t just be another choice; it would be a standout—a disruptor. That's the kind of bold difference the commerce market needs. And frankly, the strawberry sameness choice overload is a self-created problem by the digital commerce vendor landscape. 

Replatforming digital commerce solutions poses a significant challenge for enterprises. Companies will think twice about switching systems unless a new platform offers unmistakably unique advantages. The question for vendors then is, how can you be the 'raspberry' in a sea of 'strawberry' options?

Digital Commerce Vendors, mind your message!

Vendors need to articulate clear, distinctive visions that go beyond current trends and expectations. The market is listening not just for the best technology but for a vision that promises new possibilities. SEO tactics have no place in defining your essential company and product narratives. (“But we have to rank high in headless!”)

As technology becomes more standardized, the distinct voice and story you tell will carve your niche. In a crowded market, leaders won't be those who follow the trend but those who set new ones.

Call us if you want to play BaaS 'B2C Commerce Tagline Bingo' to see if your messaging truly stands out (and if you can tell who’s who). It's time to dare to be different because the future belongs to the bold, the innovative, and the distinct.

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